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Principal Message

Welcome to the Early Childhood Preschool Program! Our preschool team is excited to start a new school year with our young learners!  The program provides an active learning environment where all students are given the opportunity to blossom into innovative learners prepared to thrive in the Twenty-First Century. As principal of the Early Childhood Program, I anticipate an educational journey that will instill a love for learning in each and every student. 
The West New York School District emphasizes Student Centered Learning and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) at all levels.  It is a priority for our​ highly motivated preschool staff​ members to provide a safe, active learning environment that coincides with the District’s vision.  The ECP provides an academic, nurturing environment where all students are given developmentally appropriate opportunities to communicate, make inquiries, and explore learning materials to stimulate higher order thinking and reasoning skills. The curriculum, “Tools of the Mind”,​ ​provides ​rich, academic ​experiences​ that foster the foundation for cognitive, emotional and physical development needed for ​​learning success.​  We additionally look forward to supporting, guiding and assessing each individual learner with the implementation of Teaching Strategies Gold.  
We also look forward to working with families and the community to encourage a strong home/school connection to ensure that our students reach their highest potential. Monthly parent workshops are offered throughout the school year that will focus on Early Childhood as well as our District’s vision.  We look forward to seeing you there!
​We are committed to provide a high quality educational program that will empower our young learners to become successful, innovative Twenty-First Century thinkers. I am honored to serve as your principal and look forward to the opportunity in assisting all students and their families. If I could be of assistance, please feel free to contact my office or the Preschool Team.  

Thank you for your support, 
Mrs. Cara Zebrowski
Early Childhood Principal
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